My Reference notes on Computer Science topics

Today, I am starting a very ambitious personal project- an ever growing reference on things related to Computer Science and Software Engineering as I explore and learn. I started working on documenting this with the intention of becoming a better, more grounded and rounded Software Engineer. I would like to call it the list of ‘things I know that I don’t know them’, humbly reminding myself that no man knows it all- the more we have on our don’t know list, the more rounded we become.

This will be regularly updated in my github repo. I am committing to update it as I learn, and let this public post be an obligation to do so !.

Instead of tools technologies or frameworks, I am learning more on the fundamentals, first principles, concepts and ideas related to Computer Science and Engineering.

I started this project heavily inspired by jwasham’s coding university, but the objective is not an interview preparation roadmap.

Moreover, I hope this will be of use to someone dropping by.